I see (it) because of you.

event poster

I SEE IT BECAUSE OF YOU explores the nuances of the social connections within our lives. The aspiration is to give artists the opportunity to explore how the relationships we form modify and color our perception of the world. The premise is that we notice, appreciate, or understand because of others. The topic of the event is: ‘I see (it) because of you.’ As the curatorial team, we have organized a two day event that invites artists to expand upon the topic using diverse media. The setting for the event is K41, a co-creative hub in the heart of Copenhagen which for the extent of the event will be transformed into a gallery space. The exhibition will unfold as a series of events ranging from the staging of artworks, to performances, DJ sets, and snacking. Original content generated through this process will culminate in a publication expanding upon the topic. The exhibition brings together the perspectives of artists coming from different cultural, social, geographical and artistic backgrounds from within Copenhagen and around the world. ‘I see (it) because of you.’