Tell Me I Exist Visual Idenity


I was thinking about form. Yesterday I browsed google for “design manifestos" – but I disagreed with the structures I found. For us, there are no five points, no ten principles, no singular act or project, no final result absolutely, so much. This, this thing we create and the way in which we create it, is a conversation it's the result of conversations, it is a manifestation of this rather than a manifesto – of when people come together, communicate, exchange which is evident even in the titles we've been drawn to – statements that seek engagement, respons fragments from conversations that prompt you to fill in the blank yes, to respond. Not a soap box or a booming voice – but a quiet corner, shared intimacy, creating instead of dividing a territory but maybe we should focus on brevity and allusion – poetic, rather than clinical an experiment, an accident, a work–in–progress never intent on finality how can you exist if you are not moving? this vehicle of yet–unformulated emotions and unrefined ideas this unfamiliar form hewn by the fragmentation of our perspectives show me where it never ends or how it's shaped by the language that manifests between us within us unfinished, but present present, yet built from our past and it keeps breaking and mending each day together with all our securities built from where we have been and where we are – shaped by situation, speaking to the conditional localities we construct shared states of mind Through its nature activated in relation, in discourse, in the call and response of thought and action and conflict and collaboration between media, between verbal and material expression between real and imagined seeking new relationships, new connections, new proximities traces, carrying potential – lingering signs of past phenomenon, initiating new occurrences anarchival, anticipatory iterating what is, what was what could or maybe should be never contained, never singular, never simplistic it should be positive – it should affirm, address what is and project, address what should be We need to let's dissolve restrictive concepts break down walls, barriers – all the interstitial, apathetic, unfeeling to help us see let us care make us trust but tell me how just TELL ME I EXIST because because when we speak, this becomes somewhere this becomes real and real means anything we