Remember When We Met

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REMEMBER WHEN WE MET is the new project launched by K41 with artists and creatives around the community to converse upon concepts related to fashion, visual culture and music to transcend together the established mediums for representation and communication. During the days preceding the public events, creatives from different backgrounds are brought together to stress the norms of their respective discipline and enrich their representations through collaboration. This process will climax to a 3 days event spanning May to July, where each day will engage performance art, words, music and visual culture to unfold the common concept. To reflect upon the relationship between human and society, technology and media. ON MAY 28TH, K41 invites everyone to explore the work of emerging designers and artists in the fields of fashion, visual culture, and performance. The event space is transformed into a maze of performative acts, products of experimentation and collaboration, that coexist autonomously in the universe of the house and invite the guests to informal participation. The works address concepts related to identity, intimacy and hybrid existence.


Francesca Morelli Naturance

What if humanity forgets about nature? We are all so caught up in our network of problems, desires, and pain that we never really look around. We walk, surrounded by huge buildings and tall trees, where urban context meets the vibrant nature. Colors and textures blend perfectly. Shapes and objects are intertwined. Can you even sense it? The human being is ever-evolving and nature undergoes a process of renewal. What if we evolve towards more self-centeredness? Nature is going to take over.

Francesca Morelli

Francesca Morelli Naturance Process
Video: Pamp3000 Images: Francesca Morelli

Are You Online20:30

Impression of Are You Online

Nowadays, we already experience different phenomenon unique from the combination of interactions we perform online and offline. With the fast-paced advance in technology, will there be a limit to these experiences? Will we be able to draw the line for the way we live and how it affects us? The installation and performance propose a reflection upon an imaginary future in which our society may find itself one day. It displays the intrinsic dialogue between hybrid realities. One, where we can’t divide between what is real and what is digital. One, where the concept of existence, adaptability and home are reclaimed. Therefore I ask: Will be there an option to disconnect?


Serena's "Are you online"
Video: pamp3000 Images: Serena

Common Origins22:00

While questioning the gendering of the world imposed by societal structures, this queer body challenges racist and heteronormative/normative preconceptions about the way we are supposed to see colour and light and the way we treat our environments. Sensual and plethoric, it triggers curiosity and fascination. It invites us to grow beyond ourselves in order to explore new perspectives and connect with each other.

Fadi Zumot

Impression of Common Origins
Impression of Common Origins
Video: Contextual Mumbling Images: "طنط فافي المتوحش" by Fadi Zumot

The creative studio Contextual Mumbling, that is co-responsible for the event's visual identity, presents the video installation "FastFashion" which acts as a visual commentary on consumerism, fast fashion, and the social agenda of the fashion world and its lead pioneers.




Sorry Ericson


Maja and M4






Honey Bottom







Alex Ventling


George V. Pakalidis

Visual Identity

Iliana Papadopoulou

Visual Identity

Panayota Pouliou

Visual Identity

Gianmarco Pedrini

Direction, Stage Design

Ornella Pacchioni

Direction, Stage Design

Eugenio Superchi

Direction, Stage Design

Eirini Parthenidou

Direction, Stage Design

Pinelopi Gardika

Direction, Stage Design

Billie N.H.A.

DJ, Performer

Dzifa Maria


Ananda Ferreira

Web Art Direction and Code

Jonathan Schreiber

Web Art Direction and Design

Co-creative space K41 and anti-disciplinary studio pamp3000 are responsible for the event coordination, art direction, and stage design. The qualities of the space are stressed in order to curate an experience that strongly relates to and contrasts the house. The event's visual identity is created in collaboration with creative studio Contextual Mumbling.