Remember When We Met

Rwwm vol.2

REMEMBER WHEN WE MET is the new project launched by K41 with artists and creatives around the community to converse upon concepts related to visual culture, fashion, poetry and music and transcend together the established mediums for representation and communication. During the days preceding the public events, creatives from different backgrounds are brought together to stretch the norms of their respective discipline and enrich their representations through collaboration. This process will climax to a 3 days event spanning May to July, where each day will engage performance art, words, music and visual culture to unfold the common concept: the fluid relationship between human and society, technology and media. On June 11, RWWM sets the focus on words in all forms: spoken, written, performed. K41 stages environments to host the multiplicity of these experiences. In collaboration with the creative studio pamp3000, Nørrebro based artist book collective Bladr, musicians, artists, poets and creatives, K41 blends Spoken Poetry, Jazz Improvisation, Editions and Visual Culture into a vibrant maze. The evening is dedicated to the love for sharing, that exceeds mediums and disciplines.

Christina Stathakopoulou

Poem by Christina

Christina Stathakopoulou (CS) is a multidisciplinary designer from Greece based in Berlin, working on individual projects and alongside artists. Her practice comes through personal research attempting to poetically visualize inner thoughts and experiences.

"Color Mixer"
Medium: Based on RGB color values, “Color mixer” is a tool translating words into colors.

Dimitra Ioannou

Memory fluid
Memory Fluid portrays language fantasies and experiments that might shape new poetic communities.

Dimitra Ioannou experiments with narrative or anti-narrative forms in various media (language, photography, publications). Her chapbook Electric Sarcasm is published by Ugly Duckling Presse (2020). She is the editor of the literary and arts magazine A) GLIMPSE) OF), and runs the experimental writing workshops “texτλab”.

Yiannis Andronikidis

Monument on the Ordinary
A printed publication, "Translation as (an) Archival Process", is expected by the end of the year.

Yiannis Andronikidis is an art historian, writer, and translator currently based in Greece. Having studied History, Archaeology, and History of Art at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Edinburgh College of Art, he specialized in lens- based practices and developed his thesis Documented subjectivities, artistic auton- omy, and the social register: critical analysis of Forensic Architecture’s vision. He recently initiated an ongoing research project entitled Translation as (an) Archival Process, while writing, translating, and editing pieces around contemporary art, film, and literature.

Eirini Parthenidou

This is a portal
Poem: This is a portal

Eirini Parthenidou is an architect and creative based in Copenhagen. Her interests and approach lie on the threshold of advanced concept design, new technologies and their possibilities of infusion and expansion under a multi-disciplinary and aesthetic way.

Rosso Rota

(the Silence)
RWWM (the Silence) is an introspective monologue about the personal meeting of the author with Silence. The poem can be seen also as a dialogue with Silence itself.

The idea of having a color as a name comes from the desire to generate an unmediated first impression. Rosso's art is a reaction to the ineffable. A pre-rational take on the disarming moments of life. Something happens and we perceive it, we have no power over it, nor does this something happen for us. The astonishment is so great and deep that throw us out of the language. In this realm what we can do is art.


Performance by Alex's
You can't quite box-in this duo's music, with the prepared piano, live-sampling, electric guitar and heavy beats – but one thing is certain, it is made for dancing. Placed in a digital world with fragments of Anime, notes of a retro sci-fi club scene create a carpet for improvisation, where every set is a completely fresh flow.

Alexander Ventling (1994), is a Swiss pianist originally born and raised in New Zealand. He has a Master in Jazz Piano and Music Pedagogy from Jazzcampus Basel and is cur- rently completing a personalized music performance degree from the Rythmic Conserva- tory in Copenhagen. Alexander Rueß is a freelance guitarist and composer and based in Berlin. He played in the German National Orchestra (BuJazzO) and graduated at the Jazz Institute in Berlin and the RMC in Copenhagen. In 2019 he was awarded the Lübeck Jazz Prize. Concert tours have taken him across Western Europe as well as to Japan, the USA and Canada. Alexander regularly shares the stage with Otis Sandsjö, Phillipp Gropper, Tobias Backhaus, Oliver Steidle, Atrin Madani and Nathan Ott, among others.

Sophia Lucia

Sophia Lucia
Image: Freak Show Cabaret, 2022

Sophia Lucia is an experimental musician, performer, and writer. She is based out of Chicago & Paris. She makes folk/punk-cabaret/rock & roll poetry music. She also writes and produces a one-woman show entitled 'FREAK SHOW CABARET' which is a variety show of theatre, poetry, dance, performance art, music, and miscellaneous etcetera.

Sophia Stern

Poem by Sophia Stern
Poem by Sophia Stern

Sophia Stern unfolds the traditions of lyricism and language with the vessels of classical 'Lieder', jazz themes and original poetry, over the pianistic accompaniment of Alex Ventling. The duo presents a specially curated story-telling for the RWWM event.

Reevein Studios

Work by Reevein Studios
Every piece is 100% handmade by Alice & Sara, by curated artist collabs, or produced with a professional faux floral connoisseurs in Thailand. The newest affordable limited edition flower collection “The Atrium Collection” is made of 70% upcycled and reused material.

Reevein Studios is an art & design duo based in Copenhagen. The brand was founded in 2020 by Sara Rosa Oppermann & Alice Soro Cilliara, during the first Covid-lockdown and the first collection was launched in early 2021 as a response to the fact that the flower industry is not as beautiful as it looks. Reevein Studios both create curated art installations, exhibitions, sculptures or col- lectible stems by order for privates and companies. The production is always, based on as much as possible, leftover, and reused material.

In line with the legacy of the SPN (Spoken Poetry Nights) hosted by pamp3000 at K41, the 11th of June calls for interaction and engagement and strives to create environments where we feel safe to express. Experimenting on how we can achieve this in the most creative way, we invite everyone to register online in advance and share with us a poem, a line, a word. This is their unique ticket to the event. Hoping that this word contribution will set the atmosphere for a poetic evening in the company of each other.


Doors open


Ecstatic Chill




Freak Show Cabaret!


Poetry Tour


Rosso Rota




Håvards Lyder









Alex Ventling

Musician, Visuals

Håvards Lyder

Musician, DJ

Sophia Stern

Musician, Artist

Reevein Studios

Stage Design

George V. Pakalidis

Visual Identity

Iliana Papadopulou

Visual Identity

Panayota Pouliou

Visual Identity

Ornella Pacchioni

Host, Direction, Stage Design

Gianmarco Pedrini

Direction, Stage Design

Eugenio Superchi

Direction, Stage Design

Eirini Parthenidou

Direction, Stage Design

Pinelopi Gardika

Direction, Stage Design

Ananda Ferreira

Web Art Direction and Code

Jonathan Schreiber

Web Art Direction and Design

Co-creative space K41 and anti-disciplinary studio pamp3000 are responsible for the event coordination, art direction, and stage design. The qualities of the space are stressed in order to curate an experience that strongly relates to and contrasts the house. The event's visual identity is created in collaboration with the creative studio Contextual Mumbling.