Remember When We Met

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A FAREWELL TO RWWM, A WELCOME TO SUMMER On July, 9 RWWM curates another atmosphere and transforms K41's spaces into intimate screening spots, an immersive concert venue and an open air interactive cinema under the (almost) dark sky of Copenhagen. After Vol 1 (fashion and electronic music) and Vol 2 (poetry and performances), RWWM Vol 3 will host a selection of video pieces, short films, experimental videos, web series, and interactive projections displayed in the ever changing maze of K41. While the projections play in the house, the terrace will welcome musical performances. Musicians will improvise together with visual artists, inviting us to a multi-sensorial experience. Guests will be able to navigate the event as they please, moving from screenings to dancing, always in an active spectator position. This event is the fruit of experimentation and cross-collaboration amongst artists with various practices coming from different countries and passionate about designing new ways of experiencing art while sharing with others in a dynamic, fun, free environment. A dialogue Creating stories together A dive into summer myths to Remember When We Met one more time.


An island, a marine cemetery, a lonely girl, Lucie who spends her vacations in Corsica. She meets Leo, a strange dehydrated boy who wants to take her for a swim but she is afraid of the sea. It hovers over their adolescent games, an atmosphere of young desire and tragic mystery.

Still 'Bleue' by Ornella

Bleue3 Screenings

Still 'Bleue' by Ornella
Screenplay & Direction: Ornella; Production: Splendens Prod; Starring: Camille Pietri, Marco Albertini.

Dimitrios Siagas

"Cosmos" is a personal journey between time and emotions. A journey of self reflect and a constant search of our existence and purpose in this universe From fear and personal trauma to the energy of the earth From the calming sensation of water to the unavoidable consequences of time and death.

Still 'Cosmos' by Dimitrios


Still 'Cosmos' by Dimitrios
Screenplay, Direction & Production: Dimitrios Siagas; Starring: Rudy Simba Betty.

Léa Porré

"'Uncanny Depths' offers a historical walk and a reflection on the long term, around the notion of the value of antiquity theorized by Alois Riegl. Taking place in the MAMO, the former gymnasium of Le Corbusier's Cité Radieuse, conceived as an inverted ship's hull, the exhibition takes the form of a baroque, undulating and archaeological fantasy, a resurgence of the myth of Atlantis and of the most mysterious and disturbing incarnations of the forces of time." – Emmanuelle Luciani, curator of Uncanny Depths, MAMO, Marseille Modulor.

Still 'I call to the creatures of the deep'

I call to the creatures of the deepInstallation

CGI art: Léa Porré.

Simon Drescher

Code EP by Simon

Code EPInstallation

Code EP by Simon
Music: Monski Musik; Video: by Simon Drescher.

Emilia T. Bechraki & Billie N.H.A

Noa and Andrea are living a life of Mondays and bad danglish, right until they get a job on a filmset. The good thing is that Noas crush might finally be impressed and maybe so will Andrea's fancy family. The bad thing is that they have no idea what they are doing. At all. Soft Limit is a comedy webseries about expectations, identity, queerness and just finding yourself in this weird world. It's about setting, moving and crossing your boundaries and limits until you are in a place where you can play the lead in your own life.

Soft Limit definition

Soft Limit Ep.1 (Not Today Satan)3 Screenings

Soft Limit Ep.1 Not Today Satan
Screenplay & Direction: Emilia T. Bechraki, Billie N.H.A.; Starring: Iben Damm Rønne, Tjarli Simone Majumdar Selvig.

Eva Papamargariti

The Hollow Sound of Longing explores the interconnected themes of uncanny, desire and resilience. The protagonist is a creature whose form stands between a human and an animal, resembling a furry character that exists in simulated environments and acts in ways that can be both familiar and eerie, unexpected or boring.

Still of 'The Hollow Sound of Longing'

The Hollow Sound of LongingInstallation

Still of 'The Hollow Sound of Longing'
Visual art: Eva Papamargariti.

Letters From Nowhere

German pianist Clara Vetter, guitarist Håvard Funderud and bassist Petter Asbjørnsen from Norway connects a great friendship flavored by artistic interests. Being determined to execute their exchanged and collectively grown inspiration in a project during the second lockdown peroid the three musicians were challenged to come up with new creative working methods. In their collaborative composing process written and recorded fragments were sent around and developed by everyone taking turns to continue composing until a piece felt like being finished. Gathering recorded, written or drawn material in a shared dropbox folder felt like writing little letters to eachother - or even to oneself.

Electro-acoustic performanceLive

Electro-acoustic performance
Piano: Clara Vetter; Guitar: Håvard Funderud; Bass: Petter Asbjørnsen.


The two synaesthetes Clara Vetter and Alexander Rueß meet the visual artist Micha Otto in an interdisciplinary project. In their performance, the three artists merge the auditory and visual senses and let the audience participate in their musical interpretation of abstract paintings and graphics. The audience can experience these live through video projection. Their individual musical expression based on their synesthesia impulses in connection with the visualisation allows the audience to dive into the world of synaesthesia.

Acoustic & visual performanceLive

Piano: Clara Vetter; Guitar & Electronics: Alexander Rueß; Visual art: Micha Otto.


Doors open


Live performance Letters From Nowhere


Screening 1 'Bleue' and 'Soft Limit'


Screening 2 'Bleue' and 'Soft Limit'


Screening 3 'Bleue' and 'Soft Limit'


Live performance Vetter//Rueß//Otto




Fani Drašković





Micha Otto

Visual Artist

Clara Vetter


George V. Pakalidis

Visual Identity

Iliana Papadopulou

Visual Identity

Panayota Pouliou

Visual Identity

Ornella Pacchioni

Artist, Direction, Stage Design

Gianmarco Pedrini

Direction, Stage Design

Eugenio Superchi

Direction, Stage Design

Eirini Parthenidou

Direction, Stage Design

Pinelopi Gardika

Direction, Stage Design

Ananda Ferreira

Web Art Direction and Code

Jonathan Schreiber

Web Art Direction and Design

Co-creative space K41 and anti-disciplinary studio pamp3000 are responsible for the event coordination, art direction, and stage design. The qualities of the space are stressed in order to curate an experience that strongly relates to and contrasts the house. The event's visual identity is created in collaboration with creative studio Contextual Mumbling.